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Custom & Replica Props

Here I will feature several different lightsaber and other props, some of my own, and some sent in by visitors.

If you have a custom prop or prop replica, send me an image using the email link at the far left, and I'll be sure to post it here!

If you have sent me a picture before, and you have not had it posted here, please, by all means, submit again. Some major changes and problems with my home system made my email a mess for quite a bit, and I lost many submissions. Thank you.

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This is my personal saber. It was based off of plans from Tristan Pruss's Custom Star Wars Collection, although I have taken some artistic liberties. It is continually in a state of constant improvement.

-Shawn Snyder, LS Inc Webmaster

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This is the Avenger saber from Parks' Sabers. Designed by Jeff Parks, the Avenger (like all of the products offered by Parks) is machined from aircraft grade aluminum in several pieces and then assembled. The prop itself is light and balanced, and a 3/4" hollow shaft runs down the length of the hilt, allowing a person to easily insert a dowel rod for cinematic combat prop purposes.

-Shawn Snyder, LS Inc Webmaster
(Designed by Jeff Parks)

dl-44.jpg (22988 bytes)

This is my DL-44 Han Solo ANH blaster. I purchased this from a dealer at Dragon*Con 2000 in Atlanta, GA. It is built around a Mauser C/96 military pistol replica, with aluminum flash hider, scope, scope mount, and grill on the front of the gun.

-Shawn Snyder, LS Inc Webmaster
(Designer Unknown)

tatooine.jpg (23072 bytes)

This is an Episode I Tatooine Blaster Pistol toy, which I put masking tape all around the handle and then spraypainted the rest flat black. Simple is good, I say.

-Shawn Snyder, LS Inc Webmaster
(Designed by Kenner)

defender.jpg (23218 bytes)

This is a Blastech DL-10 Defender (yes, I made up the name) which I built from an old Transformers gun (I think it came with an old store-bought Optimus Prime Halloween costume, circa 1984) with the barrel cut off and replaced with a small section of PVC pipe and a PVC coupler.

-Shawn Snyder, LS Inc Webmaster

e-11.jpg (17148 bytes)

This is a Blastech E-11... ok, so maybe it's not. It's a Kenner toy stormtrooper blaster spraypainted. But it was simple enough to do, and it looks all right, I guess.

-Shawn Snyder, LS Inc Webmaster
(Designed by Kenner)

droid.jpg (21930 bytes)

This is an Episode I Droid Blaster Rifle toy. Can you believe that only two things had to be painted to make it look like this? I thought toy guns were supposed to look really fake.. :P

-Shawn Snyder, LS Inc Webmaster
(Designed by Kenner)

seansbr.jpg (9213 bytes)

This is Sean's saber..completely original design. I'm not sure of all of the components, but I know there are parts from a speak and spell in there...

-Sean Lee

seanfriend.jpg (9520 bytes)

This is Sean's friend's saber. I'm not sure of contact information, or even who this guy is, so contact Sean if you want to know more.

-Sean Lee

Saber11_t.jpg (5372 bytes)

This saber was built by Jedi Wilcox and has a complete tutorial for construction available at his Build Your Own Lightsaber site.

- Doug Wilcox

dpbk.jpg (3703 bytes)
dpbk1.jpg (3648 bytes)

These two lightsaber hilt pictures were sent to me recently. The top appears to be a semi-Obi-Wan ANH style saber, while the bottom appears to be close to a Obi-Wan TPM saber.

- Ben Salley


NOTE: This site does not sell lightsabers in any way, shape, or form.